May 21, 2007

Loopy 1.1

Although we are always looking forward to creating new toasts in the production using the cutting edge technologies, it is sometimes a great opportunity to look back on the toast we baked before.

Loopy is the one that we've baked and crazily eaten before.
When we baked it, we used Flash MX 2004 as the toaster, but as time passes, it became sort of obsolete. Now is the time to make and bake the new version of toast, Loopy and finally, we created the more delicious one, Loopy 1.1.


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September 29, 2006

FlickrBar & Toblerone

The other day, I suddenly remembered one of my favorite chocolate bars, "toblerone". This is a trustful stomach partner when we are making web applications very intensively. That's why we decided to make something like toblerone on the web and finally, we made a sweet and delicious bar.

The name is "FlickrBar".

This is like a chocolate bar.
There are three colors in it, FlickrBar Green, FlickrBar Red, and FlickrBar Blue, and the price is $0.00.

Just taste it !!!

FlickrBar screenshot


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July 06, 2006

Jacket Art Work

We love listening to music from the bottom of our hearts.
We also love eating toasts listening to music so much.
Don't you think we are old-school guys because we buy CDs at CD shops even though we are now able to download a great variety of music on the internet very easily.
The reason why we are sticking to this old-school purchase style is, you know, we get so inspaired by CD jackets that we think very artistic and creative. We've sometimes bought CDs at the spur of the moment because these CD jackets are soooooooooo unique and artistic.

Jacket Art Work

Jacket Art Work
Jacket Art Wok Campus

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June 19, 2006

FIFA World Cup 2006, Germany with Loopy

We've realized that people all over the world are now absorbed in FIFA World Cup. We've missed some chances to come in contact with it because of burnt toasts. To catch up with it, we made FIFA World Cup version of Loppy during the same time as toasts are burnt.

Now, we can eat scrumptious toats while we are enjoying time watching FIFA World Cup.

FIFA World Cup 2006, Germany with Loopy

FIFA World Cup 2006, Germany with Loopy

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June 05, 2006

YouTube - snapshot

We seem to have spent so much time to make toasts very fermented so far.
You might think that we haven't done anything during the time like couch potatoes, but we've finally discovered the new type of fermented toasts eating burnt ones.

Have you ever used the video service, "YouTube" ?
If you haven't used it, we absolutely would like you to try it at least once.
Actually, we are sort of immersed in watching interesting videos on this site with burnt toasts every day.
One day, we got the strong feeling that we would like to tell the funny video, especially, a specific scene, to people.
Off course, we wrote the permalink and some descriptions of it on our blog to mention how interesting it was, but at the same time, we strongly felt we needed some snapshots of the video that we thought very interesting. You know, it is more persuasive to people.
So, we've made the new service called "YouTube-snapshot".
If you use it, you can easily get snapshots and upload them to your site.

We would like you to try to use "YouTube-snapshot" and taste how fermented our toasts are.

YouTube - snapshot
Snapshot the video.

Development blog:
(Language:Japanese only. We'll release English one later on)

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August 20, 2005

hotToast Music Store. Now open.

Have you ever tried iTunes Music Store !?
If you have, you already have specific images of it. If not, don't worry about it.

HotToast Music Store (HTMS) is the web-based emulator of this iTunes Music Store. If you would like to preview some songs before you purchase them, please just type your favorite artists or groups' names in the field and start searching.
Even though you don't have iTunes software on your PC, you will be able to preview the songs of your choice with QuickTime plugin. If you would like to purchase the songs after that, please click buy button. You will access iTunes Music Store. In this case, you have to have iTunes software on your PC.

This project is one of the hotToast's experimental work to figure out the possibilities of web world.

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August 08, 2005

Flickr-based endless screensaver "Loopy"

Loopy is the desktop screensaver application that is looping and showing the pictures at random for good. The most imperactive key ingredient of this application is the integration between the flash technology and RSS, that is provided by Flickr.
Because of Flickr's systems, loopy definitely became the fun stage to constantly show a great variety of pictures that people we don't know actually uploaded before. That's why loopy is not only a flash Application, but also, an application to make users enjoy the certain moment seeing a lot of pictures somebody took.

The concept of Loopy
The most interesting part of Loopy is that we can randomly see the newest pictures which people all over the world uploaded and if you want to check them more, just click the thumbnails and go to Flickr's pages.


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July 27, 2005

The introduction of "hotToast"

hotToast is the Japan-based web creative team that is mainly focusing on showing the infinity of web creativity using the cutting edge technologies.
Hiroshi Tazawa as a web creator and Taro Yamamoto as a web producer join this creative team and they are always psyched about making something interesting as if they are crazily eating burnt toasts.

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