Borrowing money for a camper – We explain how it works

To a large extent, a motor home loan is the same as a regular car loan. What is different is that this is often about other sums. Then, of course, there may also be some other minor details that differ but basically it is the same type of loan.

This means that the motorhome you buy will be used as collateral for the loan, which means that you will normally receive a relatively good interest rate.

Conditions for motor home loan

Conditions for motor home loan

It is not possible to borrow with the camper as collateral for the entire loan amount, but usually it is possible to use the camper as collateral for 80% of the purchase price. This is because the lender wants to be sure of being able to get back their borrowed money in case you do not pay the repayments. For they can then demand the camper as payment for the loan. Therefore, they want a margin as it is likely to lose value.

You have to settle the remaining 20% ​​of the purchase price in some other way. Of course, it is best if you have saved money or can offer something in exchange. You can borrow money to pay these remaining percentages but then it becomes the question of a private loan which is most likely to become more expensive.

One thing that distinguishes motor home loans and regular car loans is the maturity. Car loans usually have a maturity of up to 8 years. In the case of a motor home loan, this period is a few years until it can often be repaid up to 15 years. This is when motorhomes are clearly more expensive but also that they do not lose value as quickly as ordinary cars, which is why lenders can be more confident in lending money over a longer period.

Where to find a camper loan?

Where to find a camper loan?

These types of loans are not among the most common types, which means that only the larger banks usually offer them. Then it is not always the case that they call the loan for a motor home loan, but it can be something else similar.

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Something that is good to know is that if you are going to borrow money for a motorhome, you must buy it from an authorized dealer with the utmost security. If you buy the motor home privately, you may take another loan such as a private loan. This loan will then probably have a higher interest rate.

The creditworthiness

The credit rating plays a very crucial role in granting a loan. In the banking language, the credit rating is also called credit rating. Basically, for all loans: the better the credit rating, the sooner you get a loan granted and the lower the interest that you have to pay for the loan. Anyone who has bad creditworthiness will find it difficult to obtain them, and not just for new loans. Even if, for example, a new mobile phone contract is to be closed, a request for creditworthiness will be made.


Review of creditworthiness by banks

Review of creditworthiness by banks

If a consumer asks a bank, whether it be an internet bank or a branch bank, to apply for a loan, the bank first checks the creditworthiness. This is done via a request to the Schufa, since all data is collected in this context. The loan application always contains a so-called Schufa clause, which gives the bank the consent of the applicant to check the creditworthiness of the Schufa. If the applicant has not properly fulfilled his payment obligations in the past, this will be noted in the Schufa. Then it is a so-called negative entry, which makes it difficult to get another loan granted. The Schufa thus protects lenders against possible defaults on repayment.

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That’s how you influence your credit rating


On its own creditworthiness one can take a direct influence. First of all, the creditworthiness is always very good, if you do not even need to take out any loans. However, if this can not be avoided, care should be taken to comply with all payment obligations arising therefrom. Furthermore, you should get yourself at least once a year a self-assessment at the Schufa. Through them you can see what data is collected here. Loans that have already been repaid can be deleted on request, so that the creditworthiness data is up-to-date.

Car Loan Conditions

Any bank, any credit institution, ensures that the borrower is able to repay his credit before making a loan offer. As part of the purchase of a vehicle, the conditions for obtaining a car loan do not derogate from the rule. Explanations.


Criteria for accepting a car loan: sufficient and sustainable income

Criteria for accepting a car loan: sufficient and sustainable income


Disposable income is the first element that will be examined by the funding agency. Indeed, the borrower or the co-borrowers must present sufficient resources to hope for the acceptance of the auto loan. Of course, banks prefer perennial income, but not everyone is a civil servant. The income taken into account is therefore not limited to wages.

Pension, retirement, rental income, unemployment benefits, income from the self-employed, allowances, dividends, all the income can come to reinforce the file. To prove that the car credit conditions are respected, the applicant will be required, as the case may be, to submit the following documents:

• payslip;

• tax notice ;

• tax returns to the URSSAF;

• various certificates justifying other resources.


Conditions for accepting a car loan: measured expenses

Conditions for accepting a car loan: measured expenses


To study an application for auto credit, you must also inquire about the expenses of the applicants. Having a high level of income does not mean that you qualify for a car loan.

The composition of the home and the age of the borrower (s) are also examined, as is the heritage situation. Owning your home can be an asset provided that the current credit does not impact much of the rest to live.

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Auto loan: a debt ratio of less than 33%

Auto loan: a debt ratio of less than 33%


With the information collected, the lender will be able to calculate the applicant’s debt ratio. This is the key element of the acceptance conditions. A ratio is made between revenues and expenses (other loans in progress) declared.

The debt ratio should never, in theory, exceed the threshold of 33%. Among the acceptance criteria, the amount of capital to borrow and the monthly repayments of this auto loan are therefore decisive. Note that the repayment term of consumer credit is limited. This is why the coherence of the acquisition project is also at stake.

The key steps before a renovation | Apply for a loan

You have decided to do some renovation work in your house or apartment, here are some tips to optimize your work and the result obtained compared to your expectations.H

How to make an inventory?

To begin make an inventory

First, determine the essential work. Redoing a roof, electricity, plumbing, insulation, rearrangement of traffic, it takes time and money. We must ask what is kept in the context of a heavy renovation. In order to evaluate the essential works, it is necessary to examine carefully all the aspects without forgetting the heating for example. If you do not feel the skills to do this review, hire professionals who can draw quotes (useful when it comes to evaluate the cost of this work).

Take stock of the necessary work piece by piece. this is how you can determine the cost of the work and the schedule. If you do some work on your own and you entrust the heavy work to specialized companies, it is important to make the difference and to take stock of your need for materials. Know that buying bulk materials is always more financially worthwhile. On the other hand, if you apply for credit for some or all of your work, you will need a very accurate assessment.

Make an estimate or do the work yourself

Make an estimate or do the work yourself

Do you feel ready to manage the work yourself or do you feel the need to surround yourself with professionals such as an architect or an architect? If you have decided to embark on important work such as the rearrangement of rooms or wall felling, professionals can be of great help to you to avoid problems. Insulation can also be part of the work requiring the intervention of a professional just like electricity which is a very important point. In this case, it will be necessary to add to the necessary budget, the expenses occasioned by these various interventions.

Plan the work

Plan the work

You will understand, plan his work is very important. Then come the stage of the development of the plans and the arrangement of the pieces. It is better to do it upstream. You will avoid unpleasant surprises like poorly placed water arrivals. It is necessary to define the layout of your future kitchen to determine the electrical arrivals and the location of the necessary outlets. The choice of materials, paints or floor coverings and materials such as radiators, will be determined by the decorative atmosphere you have chosen, so think before the purchase of equipment and the beginning of work. The more precise you are in drawing up the plans, the more your work will match your expectations. This step is not a waste of time, especially since some software on the Internet greatly facilitate this work.

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In what order do the works? This question is crucial for the smooth running of these. It is necessary to begin with the heavy work and if the roof must be remodeled or redone, it is through it that we must begin to put the worksite dry. Then come the restoration of the frame with support beams, etc. The demolition works are undertaken, they can concern the piping, the felling of partition or the withdrawal of the electric cables. After the evacuation of rubble, work can begin. You then start the insulation by doubling the walls for example, then you can go up the walls, do the plumbing work, heating and electricity and finally go to the finishing work. Attention: the co-owners, if they touch the load-bearing walls, floors or facade elements must request an authorization from the property manager and will have to vote and validate the work at a general meeting of co-owners.

Credit work without proof

Before you commit to a loan work, you should learn about your opportunities. They are indeed multiple: eco loan at zero rate, loan work assigned, financing through energy suppliers, credit work without proof. Creditstairs explains in which cases choose the personal loan without proof.

Ready work without proof, reverse?

Generally, a work loan taken out with a bank must be assigned. In concrete terms, you will need to provide the invoices to explain the use of the funds granted. It may be a single invoice from a contractor including material and labor. But you could also be held to the tedious task of advancing the amount at a DIY store for example before providing the bill to the bank to release the funds concerned, a portion of the overall envelope allocated. With a credit work without proof, everything becomes simpler. You buy a personal loan for a certain amount from a banking institution or an online credit platform and then use the capital granted at leisure.

Alternative solutions to credit work without proof

Alternative solutions to credit work without proof

When your work focuses on improving the energy performance of your main home, you can, under certain conditions, qualify for the eco-loan at zero rates or financing solutions put in place by energy suppliers. The work must be done by authorized professionals. Note that if you do not take advantage of this type of funding, you will potentially be eligible for the energy transition tax credit.

Why choose the work credit without proof?

Why choose the work credit without proof?

Admittedly, the loan works can benefit from preferential rates compared to credit work without proof, but it remains more binding. A loan work without justification will allow you to achieve your amenities at your own pace without having to provide quotes or invoices. You will then be able to change your mind about your projects, spread out your expenses if there is not enough time to realize your desires. You can also use your borrowed capital to modernize your decoration with furniture, objects or household appliances.

The new protections of your credits

Wimks: better credit management works


Document summarizing the main characteristics of the loan contracted, the Wimks is supposed to bring more transparency in agreements between borrowers and credit institutions. They must provide all the necessary information to the borrower free of charge so that he can choose the loan that suits him best. In this sense, the focus is on the pay of the institution, as well as the solvency of the borrower.

Wimks: a transparent loan offer

Wimks: a transparent loan offer


The Wimks is a document written in an accessible vocabulary, which follows a well-defined plan. It is thus possible to read it quickly, by going directly to the headings such as:

  • Main features of the loan;
  • Amount of each payment;
  • Additional obligations.

To quickly compare offers from multiple lenders, it is advisable to simply go to Interest Rates and Other Fees.

An additional step towards European harmonization

An additional step towards European harmonization


This directive, which was enacted in 2016, responds to an order dated 4 February 2014 proclaiming a “harmonization of the legal framework for mortgage and real estate loans” on a European scale. These provisions are intended to provide a unified legal framework for better protection of European consumers against banks. By optimizing searchable information before signing a contract, it is easier to compare multiple loan offers. The credit worthiness analysis of the borrower is also required, in order to minimize the risk of non-repayment.

Credit protection works, see also

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  • Time limit for credit withdrawal
  • How to finance his business school

* Upon receipt of your complete file,  Credit can give you an answer in the 24h worked by SMS in the case of an acceptance, and by email in the case of a refusal.
** Study conducted on the basis of a statement of rates made by Sémaphore Conseil, on the amounts of € 1,000 to € 3,000 and the maturities of 24 and 48 months.

A credit commits you and must be repaid.

A credit commits you and must be repaid.

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Check your repayment capacity before you commit.

Creditstair  is accredited as a credit institution – Investment Services Provider by the Prudential Control and Resolution Authority (ACPR, approval number: 16488).

The funding is granted subject to final acceptance by Creditstair after the study of your file. You have a right of withdrawal of 14 calendar days after the signature of the loan contract offer. If your file is definitely accepted, Creditstair will keep a number of your supporting documents for the duration of your contract.

You may exercise your right of access, rectification, deletion, portability to personal data about you, or oppose their use for prospecting purposes or limit the processing by contacting customer service by clicking here.

The borrowing rates (APRs) are fixed and vary from 0.75% to 17.90% and the duration of the loan is between 6 to 84 months

Car Loan Without Proof

You want to buy a vehicle and want to take advantage of your credit to cope with additional expenses? However, a conventional car credit can only be allocated to the price of the vehicle. One solution exists however: the car loan without proof or personal loan. Explanations.


The auto loan without proof is possible

The auto loan without proof is possible


When you apply for a credit from your banker to buy a car, it will logically lead you to a car loan. A so-called affected loan that will focus exclusively on this vehicle. Only, for example, you may need additional funds whether for insurance, to change tires or make improvements. You could also take advantage of the process to grant you a vacation budget or additional work. In this case, direction the personal loan. This car loan without proof can be subscribed for a duration of 7 years maximum and the amount can reach 75 000 €.


Advantages and disadvantages of auto credit without proof

Advantages and disadvantages of auto credit without proof


With a car loan without proof, you will be free to use the funds as you wish. You will have no obligation to purchase and will allocate the unlocked capital according to your desires and opportunities. In addition, you will not have to provide any proof of the vehicle purchased or any other purchases you may make. This loan is therefore simpler, more discreet and often faster. It nevertheless has a negative aspect. If you take out a personal loan and order a car that is not delivered, you can not cancel the credit. A possibility that remains with an auto credit affected.


Get a car loan without proof

Get a car loan without proof


A car loan without proof does not mean that you will not have any documents to provide regarding your employment situation. Lender organizations are in fact obliged to check your identity, your resources and your creditworthiness before granting you a car loan without proof. Regardless of the destination of the unblocked funds, you will have to build a file composed of the following documents:

– proof of identity: identity card or passport
– Proof of address: gas, electricity or water bill
– proof of income: last 3 payslips, tax notice
– Bank statements
– amortization table for loans in progress

Help for payday loan debt -Quick app for payday loan debt consolidation

The financial difficulties of Portuguese families have brought the need for innovative solutions for the management of their personal finances. One of these solutions is the consolidated credit that being widely divulged ends up generating some doubts and misunderstandings. In this article, we will show you all the potentialities and dangers of credit consolidation.

Quick app for payday loan debt consolidation

Payday loan debt consolidation is also known as consolidation of payday loans or popularly as putting all the payday loans together into one. visit PaydayLoan-Consolidation here >> to consolidate payday loans. When consolidating it will aggregate the total amount owed to several financial institutions in a single contract. Thus, you will have to make a new loan to pay off all other debts, just paying a benefit to a single entity.

The Principal Advantage of Consolidated Credit

The Principal Advantage of Consolidated Credit

People who turn to Anthony Adverse for their consolidated credit do so with one big goal in mind: lowering their monthly installments with credits. In fact, the benefit reduction through Anthony Adverse’s consolidated credit can reach 60% through the following strategies:

  • Reducing the interest rate – By consolidating your credits you will most likely reduce the average rate of your credits. Incidentally, the potential of consolidated credit is more visible in households with many short-term credits (credit card, personal credit, tidy account).
  • Increase of the term – The consolidation of credits may increase the payment term of its various credits, which implies that if misused it may imply the payment of more interest throughout the contract. However, following our tips will not only reduce your monthly installments but also finish your credits faster.

Tip: Evaluate your savings potential with Anthony Adverse’s consolidated credit simulator and ask Anthony Adverse how you can end your debt more quickly.

Consolidated Credit – Other Advantages

In addition to reducing its credit installments, consolidated credit enables you to benefit from several other advantages, of which:

  • Reducing commissions – When negotiating with only one financial institution you will be able to reduce the total amount of commissions charged to you. In this context, we speak of account maintenance commissions or the benefits processing committee.
  • Better financial management – Adding all the credits in one allows you to pay only one installment and on a day defined by you. This way, you will be able to manage your family budget better and avoid delays in payment and consequent commissions and penalties.

Tip: See how much you pay monthly commissions from the various banks with whom you connect. You will see that there is great potential for savings.

Credit Dangers Consolidated

Like any facility, consolidated credit also has some dangers as misused. We highlight the following dangers:

  • Increase in the amount of interest – If the consolidation does not achieve a reduction in the average rate of your credits will probably pay more interest over the contract;
  • Tempting new borrowing – Savings associated with consolidated credit will free up liquidity in your monthly budget to make new loans.

Tip: Use monthly consolidated credit savings only to pay off your credit early and pay for your life’s expenses. Do not increase your costs because you can get into a spiral of over-indebtedness.

Anthony Adverse’s Consolidated Credit

Anthony Adverse has helped thousands of families improve their financial lives and reduce the cost of their loans. We suggest that you make your consolidated credit simulation below and see how much you can save with your credits.

And did you know that the evaluation and submission of your consolidated credit application do not have a cost for you? You only pay with the financing and our fees are included in the amount financed.

New payday loan direct lender -I need a payday loan from a direct lender

I need a payday loan from direct lender

In certain life situations, it is necessary that cash is available quickly. But what to do if the reserves on the passbook are insufficient and the safe is also lulled? A loan is often the last resort in such financial hardships. A few years ago, borrowing was a bit shameful, but fortunately, times have changed.

Today, not only is the new car being financed with a loan, but the new flat screen TV, holidays or urgent repairs are being paid for with the help of a loan. Sometimes, however, money quickly has to be put into the household budget and a so-called instant payment loan is highly recommended. This form of credit is a lightning loan with a payout within 24 hours. The good thing about this payday loan at this weblink is that the amount of money can be used freely and is available immediately.

Those in desperate need of money are certainly very close to despair. A lightning loan displaces financial worries and is also easy and discreet. The first port of call for a loan is certainly the Internet with its countless financial portals. Here, borrowers not only learn very important tips and tricks around the topic of credit, but they can also easily and conveniently compare all offers of the banks and credit institutions. Of course, as fast money is important in an emergency loan, this loan can usually only be obtained through the World Wide Web. Borrowers complete the application form online and submit it immediately. Within a very short time, an employee examines the information and grants or rejects this credit in some cases. If you want to be on the safe side and do not want to be rejected, you should take a look at the exact guidelines for lending in advance.

Since there are different providers of a lightning loan, the borrower has of course also very good opportunities and chances to get one. An instant loan is usually an installment loan up to a value of about € 10,000.00. Of course, loans are granted in much higher categories. In most cases, the only condition for consent is a regular monthly income and an employment relationship of more than 6 months. Of course, it always depends on the loan amount, whether an award or disbursement is possible or not. Under normal circumstances, however, each worker receives a lightning loan up to a value of € 10,000.00.

Of course, although the financial emergency is to be bridged as quickly as possible, a loan should not be prematurely signed. The internet offers the perfect conditions for a quick and easy credit comparison. An offer with a low-interest rate does not necessarily have to be the best offer right away. The borrower should also compare the costs and fees for processing or payment. Frequently, credit institutions “hide” immense fees for payment or for processing. With a credit comparison, however, all borrowers are on the safe side and also get a very attractive loan offer. The free financial portals on the Internet will show which offers for a lightning loan, including immediate payment, are available. Since the offers are updated or renewed almost daily, a regular look into these portals is highly recommended.