Fountain adds advanced analytics to its high-volume recruiting platform


SAN FRANCISCO, February 3, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Fountain, the high-volume enterprise recruiting platform, today unveiled a new suite of analytics to empower business leaders to better understand the candidate journey and make decisions based on the data.

Fountain’s enterprise software is now equipped with self-service reports and a data tool that offers multiple dashboards, reports and visualizations to customers. Users can drill down to early digits, customize filters, export, send and schedule distribution of predefined reports to analyze candidate behavior and identify trends based on brand, location, stage, and more.

“The information our platform analytics tool provides to our clients will be critical in telling the story of their candidate behavior, advancing strategies and building better talent pipelines,” said the CEO, Sean behr.

Advanced analytics are the latest part of Fountain’s vision to simplify high-volume hiring for employers and improve the candidate experience for frontline and hourly workers. Fountain has recently improved its Infrastructure to include single sign-on, cloud hosting options and have completed their SOC2 certification. Previously, Fountain deployed a suite of features to help meet virtual recruiting needs with synchronous video interviews, resume analysis, universal candidate view, career sites and a chatbot. Together these additions and enhancements to the platform consolidate Fountain as the best enterprise solution for high volume recruiting and position Fountain to help employers hire for their remote workforce.

About Fontaine

Fountain is the high-volume recruiting platform that enables the world’s largest brands to streamline and expand their recruiting function. Our mobile-first platform maintains candidate engagement and reduces dropouts through integrated automated scheduling, SMS and email reminders. Applicants can apply anytime, anywhere in minutes, right from their phone. It allows on-the-go hiring managers to move quality talent through the pipeline, reducing recruiting time. Fountain provides local, regional and enterprise level analysis to make data-driven decisions. Our drag-and-drop workflow allows for quick changes to adapt to fluctuating hiring needs. Fountain’s global customers hire more than 1.2 million workers each year in 78 countries. Learn more about or log in via Twitter, LinkedIn or the Fountain blog.

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