GTGH provides accounting and bookkeeping training to immigrants to Canada


GTGH provides accounting and bookkeeping training to immigrants to Canada.

The objective of this initiative is to help them feel more confident in their future career as well as to provide them with the skills necessary to obtain a job.

The program is offered at an affordable price and includes intensive training in topics such as accounting, bookkeeping, and taxes.

They offer one-on-one mentoring sessions with accountants who are also immigrants. “We are delighted to open doors and give hope to newcomers,” said GTGH founder Salman Rundhawa. “We have a responsibility to build bridges and create more opportunities for those looking for a new start.”

Canada has always been home to highly skilled immigrants with a variety of new skills. However, having a degree or certification is not enough to find a job in their field of study, especially if they are looking for a job outside of major cities. Sometimes the only thing that separates an immigrant from their dream job is the Canadian experience.

Salman Rundhawa explains that the training gives them more freedom in finding a job. “Most immigrants have high qualifications but no experience, which can be quite daunting. We want people to have confidence in their abilities so that they do not shy away from job opportunities.

GTGH’s intensive training programs focus on working knowledge of various topics such as taxation, accounting and accounting principles, among others.

Immigrants wishing to pursue a career in Canada should take advantage of GTGH’s accounting training program.

Enroll in their accounting training program and learn a skill that will help them find employment.

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