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The financial difficulties of Portuguese families have brought the need for innovative solutions for the management of their personal finances. One of these solutions is the consolidated credit that being widely divulged ends up generating some doubts and misunderstandings. In this article, we will show you all the potentialities and dangers of credit consolidation.

Quick app for payday loan debt consolidation

Payday loan debt consolidation is also known as consolidation of payday loans or popularly as putting all the payday loans together into one. visit PaydayLoan-Consolidation here >> to consolidate payday loans. When consolidating it will aggregate the total amount owed to several financial institutions in a single contract. Thus, you will have to make a new loan to pay off all other debts, just paying a benefit to a single entity.

The Principal Advantage of Consolidated Credit

The Principal Advantage of Consolidated Credit

People who turn to Anthony Adverse for their consolidated credit do so with one big goal in mind: lowering their monthly installments with credits. In fact, the benefit reduction through Anthony Adverse’s consolidated credit can reach 60% through the following strategies:

  • Reducing the interest rate – By consolidating your credits you will most likely reduce the average rate of your credits. Incidentally, the potential of consolidated credit is more visible in households with many short-term credits (credit card, personal credit, tidy account).
  • Increase of the term – The consolidation of credits may increase the payment term of its various credits, which implies that if misused it may imply the payment of more interest throughout the contract. However, following our tips will not only reduce your monthly installments but also finish your credits faster.

Tip: Evaluate your savings potential with Anthony Adverse’s consolidated credit simulator and ask Anthony Adverse how you can end your debt more quickly.

Consolidated Credit – Other Advantages

In addition to reducing its credit installments, consolidated credit enables you to benefit from several other advantages, of which:

  • Reducing commissions – When negotiating with only one financial institution you will be able to reduce the total amount of commissions charged to you. In this context, we speak of account maintenance commissions or the benefits processing committee.
  • Better financial management – Adding all the credits in one allows you to pay only one installment and on a day defined by you. This way, you will be able to manage your family budget better and avoid delays in payment and consequent commissions and penalties.

Tip: See how much you pay monthly commissions from the various banks with whom you connect. You will see that there is great potential for savings.

Credit Dangers Consolidated

Like any facility, consolidated credit also has some dangers as misused. We highlight the following dangers:

  • Increase in the amount of interest – If the consolidation does not achieve a reduction in the average rate of your credits will probably pay more interest over the contract;
  • Tempting new borrowing – Savings associated with consolidated credit will free up liquidity in your monthly budget to make new loans.

Tip: Use monthly consolidated credit savings only to pay off your credit early and pay for your life’s expenses. Do not increase your costs because you can get into a spiral of over-indebtedness.

Anthony Adverse’s Consolidated Credit

Anthony Adverse has helped thousands of families improve their financial lives and reduce the cost of their loans. We suggest that you make your consolidated credit simulation below and see how much you can save with your credits.

And did you know that the evaluation and submission of your consolidated credit application do not have a cost for you? You only pay with the financing and our fees are included in the amount financed.