Intuit’s culture of positivity and inclusion empowers tax and accounting experts to help consumers and small businesses make stressful financial decisions


Money is the number one source of stress for Americans, according to recent data from the American Psychological Association: “Regardless of the economic climate, money and finances have remained the main stressor since we began our investigation in. 2007. ”

Those who work in tax and accounting can attest to this. Talking with clients about personal and business finance can be a very emotional and private conversation. Add the complexities of understanding taxes and the conversation can easily become a major aggravation.

Yet when you speak to an Intuit TurboTax or QuickBooks expert, the expert’s knowledge and expertise can lessen the anxiety that sometimes surrounds financial conversations.

“I love this job and the way it allows me to help people solve their problems,” says Kitty Ku, CPA and senior tax expert with a year-round position at Intuit. “I am able to speak to clients with different types of questions across the United States. Taxes and finances are very personal to each individual and the issues are very intimate. They open up to you and share their problems with you, ”she explains.

“I have the impression that you are their friend. Helping them solve their problems gives them immense satisfaction, ”says Ku. “You make their life less stressful because people worry about taxes, especially in this ever-changing landscape. “

Personalized route according to your needs

Ku has worked for Intuit remotely from her home in Los Angeles as a Seasonal Tax Expert (worked January through April each year) since she joined Intuit in 2013. In May 2020, she was offered a year-round tax expert at Intuit. She continues to have the flexibility to choose her schedule to suit her personal life while serving TurboTax clients.

Currently, Ku works early in the morning to allow him to take care of his elderly parents later in the day. “If I have an emergency with my family, my manager understands. I can handle things and come back right away. If I miss a moment, I can always make it up.

“It’s so flexible and I’m so grateful,” she says. “And during peak season, if you want to work overtime, you can. “

In her role, Ku helps clients understand the latest tax implications relevant to their situation. With a background in business accounting, she is particularly adept at advising sole proprietors and small business owners. She advises on cost deduction from capitalization as well as Schedule C profit or loss of the business.

“As a CPA, I have research and problem-solving skills,” she says. “So whatever the question, with a team I can answer questions and solve problems. “

Intuit’s commitment to employee growth

Similar ideas are provided by Jazlyn Sanders, a Nashville-based Intuit expert who started her career working for TurboTax during tax season and then moved to offer bookkeeping services to small businesses through QuickBooks Live d ‘Intuit.

“I was first drawn to Intuit because I would be able to help clients with accounting and taxes,” she says. “Intuit has allowed me to grow in both fields by providing tools and resources to make sure I am up to date with the various laws that may have changed over the year. They helped me get different certifications to make me a more skilled and knowledgeable employee and offered the Enrolled Agent (EA) program, which I participated in.

Naturally, in an environment where tax laws are constantly changing, Intuit tax professionals need to be up to date and up to date with the latest changes. For this, the company provides a network of support channels for tax and accounting experts to seek the advice of colleagues, managers and other experts, data and tools in the various companies of Intuit.

“In the Intuit environment, everyone is united. If you have a question, you can contact anyone. No matter who they are, they are ready to help and find a solution together, ”says Sanders.

The culture of Intuit is supportive and inclusive.

When it comes to diversity and inclusion, Intuit has worked for several years to hire experts from a diverse mix of cultures and backgrounds. The company offers training on how to speak to clients that incorporates the values ​​of treating people with respect, regardless of their background, including race, age, gender and sexual orientation. Intuit believes that a business is stronger when its people are as diverse as the customers it serves.

“Diversity and inclusion is a hot topic, but the company has been doing it since I joined over eight years ago,” says Ku. Sanders supports him; “Intuit is full of different people from different states, backgrounds and cultures. It’s awesome !

All of this helps create tax and accounting experts who enjoy their jobs, despite the stress of talking to clients about complex financial and financial matters. Positivity doesn’t just surface during working hours. When asked how her work at Intuit has changed her as a professional and as a person, Ku says it’s the attitude of positivity that she carries with her. “I can say that the camaraderie of helping each other permeates my personal life. I’m much better at looking at it positively and saying, “Hey, we’ve got a problem. Let’s just fix the problem, ”she said. “I grew up on positivity, energy, love of people and love of life.”

The expert community is a big part of the support that Intuit provides to experts. They are never alone, always supported by each other both personally and professionally. A career at Intuit is for those who want to help others and leave customers feeling positive and valued. And this approach is twofold: What works for clients also clearly works for Intuit’s tax and accountants.

If you’re looking to join a company that helps you grow your career, learn new skills, seek out new referrals, and shape your working life around your needs, Intuit’s Careers page is a great place to look.


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