Kantar Public Launches Advanced Analytics Platform | New


United Kingdom – Kantar’s evidence and policy division Kantar Public has developed a data science platform and toolkit for modeling policy interventions, Public Evidential.

The company built the tool to integrate open, unstructured, passive and investigative data, with the goal of expanding the evidence base used for public policy decision making.

It was originally developed in 2020 to combine data from multiple sources using machine learning and geospatial modeling to support the targeting of immunization programs in East Africa and was then expanded to advise clients on the design of broader policies in targeting program interventions.

The platform uses open data sets, which reduces reliance on surveys.

Kantar worked with clients to co-develop the tool, including clients in India and the Netherlands.

Michelle Harrison, Global Managing Director, Kantar Public (Photo), said: “The commitment of governments and public sector institutions to making more data freely accessible means that we have a responsibility to provide public value in the way we create and store data.

“Our data infrastructure allows us to create and collect the benchmark evidence that our clients need. By combining these different approaches, Public Evidence marks a new evolution in the Kantar Public data ecosystem.

Harrison added that the platform will allow Kantar Public to model policy interventions on a geographic basis, which could be applied in contexts such as public health and mobility policy.


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