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Desiar moved to Canada in 2008 in hopes of resuming her accounting career after earning a dual BS Commerce degree in Management and Accounting in the Philippines.

She worked as a home nanny when she arrived in Canada. This was the only way to obtain her permanent residence until she returned to accounting in 2013 as an office worker at a pipeline company.

“I love working with people and numbers, but at the same time, I love spending time with family,” Desiar said in a profile with Sage Canada. The pandemic meant Desiar had to be with her child full time.

Currently, she works for another company part-time in the morning while running her own business in the afternoon and taking an online course in the evening. She is working to get her CPA certification before she turns 50.

As for starting a business during the pandemic, Desiar is proud to say that businesses have never slowed down.

“We’re always busy which is good. I always try to meet with my client once or twice a month to discuss almost anything and always try to help them the best that I can.

Desiar says she was speechless when he found out she was recognized at the Sage Awards.

“Fort St. John is a small town compared to the big cities that are entered in the final. It is “good karma” to work hard all year round. Thank you!”

To learn more about Desiar, visit the Sage website.


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