The key steps before a renovation | Apply for a loan

You have decided to do some renovation work in your house or apartment, here are some tips to optimize your work and the result obtained compared to your expectations.H

How to make an inventory?

To begin make an inventory

First, determine the essential work. Redoing a roof, electricity, plumbing, insulation, rearrangement of traffic, it takes time and money. We must ask what is kept in the context of a heavy renovation. In order to evaluate the essential works, it is necessary to examine carefully all the aspects without forgetting the heating for example. If you do not feel the skills to do this review, hire professionals who can draw quotes (useful when it comes to evaluate the cost of this work).

Take stock of the necessary work piece by piece. this is how you can determine the cost of the work and the schedule. If you do some work on your own and you entrust the heavy work to specialized companies, it is important to make the difference and to take stock of your need for materials. Know that buying bulk materials is always more financially worthwhile. On the other hand, if you apply for credit for some or all of your work, you will need a very accurate assessment.

Make an estimate or do the work yourself

Make an estimate or do the work yourself

Do you feel ready to manage the work yourself or do you feel the need to surround yourself with professionals such as an architect or an architect? If you have decided to embark on important work such as the rearrangement of rooms or wall felling, professionals can be of great help to you to avoid problems. Insulation can also be part of the work requiring the intervention of a professional just like electricity which is a very important point. In this case, it will be necessary to add to the necessary budget, the expenses occasioned by these various interventions.

Plan the work

Plan the work

You will understand, plan his work is very important. Then come the stage of the development of the plans and the arrangement of the pieces. It is better to do it upstream. You will avoid unpleasant surprises like poorly placed water arrivals. It is necessary to define the layout of your future kitchen to determine the electrical arrivals and the location of the necessary outlets. The choice of materials, paints or floor coverings and materials such as radiators, will be determined by the decorative atmosphere you have chosen, so think before the purchase of equipment and the beginning of work. The more precise you are in drawing up the plans, the more your work will match your expectations. This step is not a waste of time, especially since some software on the Internet greatly facilitate this work.

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In what order do the works? This question is crucial for the smooth running of these. It is necessary to begin with the heavy work and if the roof must be remodeled or redone, it is through it that we must begin to put the worksite dry. Then come the restoration of the frame with support beams, etc. The demolition works are undertaken, they can concern the piping, the felling of partition or the withdrawal of the electric cables. After the evacuation of rubble, work can begin. You then start the insulation by doubling the walls for example, then you can go up the walls, do the plumbing work, heating and electricity and finally go to the finishing work. Attention: the co-owners, if they touch the load-bearing walls, floors or facade elements must request an authorization from the property manager and will have to vote and validate the work at a general meeting of co-owners.